Step away from the straighteners

GHDs and Perfectil

Depending on your view I was blessed/cursed with curly (read wild, uncontrollable, frizzy) hair. As a child it wasn’t too bad, the length and weight meant that it stayed straightish once blow dried and aside from my frizzy corners (mum said I was the only person she knew whose head had corners) I coped with my mop for many years. Rewind to 2003, my 24th birthday to be precise and this is where things began to change. I was desperate to have lovely straight, sleek hair and I was lured by the promise of glossy locks into begging my parents for a set of GHD straighteners. Overnight my hair went from fluffy frizz ball into super shiny uber STRAIGHT locks. I was in love. My hair was manageable (once straightened) and was poker straight like I’d always dreamed.

Now fast forward almost 10 years (yep I’m almost 34 yikes!) and my hair is feeling a bit sorry for itself. Years and 3 pairs of GHDs later my hair is pretty battered from daily blow drying and straightening, and it never seems to get past just below my shoulders before it’s in desperate need of a good cut.

So, with just 10 months to go before my big day I’ve decided that it’s time my hair had some much needed TLC. I’ve spoken to my new hairdresser, the lovely Claire at , and she’s agreed that in 10 months I can grow my hair a bit longer and get it looking in great condition, rather than the dried out straw I’ve been sporting recently.

I began with a good cut. 1.5 inches off to get rid of the spilt ends, hopefully each trim until the wedding will be a few millimeters just to keep it tidy! Secondly, and here’s the hard bit, I’m cutting back on the heat styling. I’ve set myself the challenge of just straightening my hair once a week or on special occasions. This means that, for the most part, I’ll spend Monday to Friday going to work with non straightened hair. Most of my work colleagues have never seen me with anything other than my dead straight strands so simply don’t believe that my hair is anything but. Well it’s time to embrace the frizz for the benefit of the wedding hair I dream of, I feel like I’m going to become incredibly creative with clips, grips and plaits. Up-dos are going to be a must. I’m also going to start using a weekly intensive conditioning treatment and I’m on the look out for a really great sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.

Finally I’m going to start taking a supplement for hair, nails and skin. I was given a free trial of Perfectil in a wedding fair goody bag so I’m going to try it out. I’ll let you know what I think in a few weeks.

So, there’s my plan. Time to leave my hair natural and hope that it grows long and strong in the next 10 months. Any great ideas for how I can style my hair for work would be much appreciated! Feel free to share below.

Laters lovelies x


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