The F word


My fiancé and I

I’d never used it before I met Lee, in fact it’s something that’s only become part of my vocabulary in the past 6 months. That little f word that changes everything. Yep, fiancé. The new name for my beloved ever since he asked the big question and popped a sparkly ring on my finger.

Until we got engaged I spoke easily about what I did with my boyfriend at the weekend, how my boyfriend and I were buying a house together and even what my boyfriend had cooked for dinner last night. So why, once engaged is it so hard to make the transition to the f word?

I overheard a newly engaged colleague this weekend mention her boyfriend only to be corrected that she couldn’t call him that. The look of horror on her face was a picture as she firmly announced she didn’t intend on using the f word. Ever.

But why does it feel like such a mountain to overcome? Why can we happily chat about our boyfriends and husbands but that bit inbetween just feels a bit awkward.

I’ve realised that I now hope people know who Lee is so I don’t have to put a label on him. And if they don’t I almost apologetically explain our connection. I was more than ecstatic to share the news that my boyfriend had proposed. And I’ll talk to anyone that’ll listen about the wedding.

The silly thing is I actually have no aversion to calling Lee my fiancé, I just know that others really struggle to use it and it seems this is starting to rub off on me. Is casually chatting about my fiancé bragging in an ‘I’m engaged and you’re not’ kind of way? I don’t think so. Is the f word the equivalent of waving my left hand in your face every time I talk to you? Not at all.

So, whilst I can’t wait to call Lee my husband next year I’ll happily call him my fiancé until then. After all there’s such a short space of time (relatively speaking) that I’ll get away with using the f word and I’m excited and proud that he asked me to marry him. Fiancé is just another name for the man I love and I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, so from now on I’ll say it without apology or hesitation. I might start waving my left hand around a bit more too, my ring is really rather gorgeous!!

I’d love to hear what you think, pop a comment below or get in touch.

Laters lovelies x

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