Saving our date

Save the Date

Dawn and Lee are getting married!

For too long now I’ve been meaning to sit down and write the addresses on our Save the Dates. I was really enthusiastic when I designed them nearly 3 months ago and using they were delivered to me very quickly.

I’m pretty proud of them. I’m a designer and so stationery was always going to feature high on my list of priorities when planning our wedding. After agreeing with Lee that I would design some simple fridge magnets featuring a photo of Leeds Castle and the essential info, I got stuck into the fun bit. As we hadn’t nailed down exact colours at the time I wanted a hint of spring but nothing that we couldn’t adapt if we changed our minds a few months on (we haven’t by the way). The photo of the castle had spring blossoms, which were perfect and I complemented the photo with a mint border and touches of blush pink. Choosing fonts was fun, we wanted something that felt elegant and stylish but not too ornate. I decided on a script font coupled with a simple sans serif font for the more instructional copy.

Laid out Save the Dates

All ready to put into envelopes

Magnets were the obvious choice for us as a couple. We’ve begun to collect fridge magnets from everywhere we have travelled together and this will be the most important one that we have added to our collection so far. I’m hoping that it will be a little keepsake and memory of the day for our guests that won’t just get thrown away with other pieces of paper.

So back to the addresses, I’m really keen to get them sent and I want to hear what people think of them, so why has it taken me so long to do the final step in the process? I think these are probably all contributing factors…

• Finalising the guest list
I always knew deciding who made the cut was going to be tricky but I didn’t really realise how many sleepless nights it would give me worrying about who I would upset and hurt. As we’ve made the decision to only send save the dates to day guests we had to have the list nailed before I committed pen to paper. The list has been sitting ‘finalised’ for weeks now, but I still keep checking back to make sure I haven’t forgotten someone really important!

• I wanted to write fancy on the envelopes
Lee found an old envelope the other day that I had been practicing my swirly writing on. I’m not good at it. What I am good at is writing really neatly in a very straight line. And so for the save the dates I’m going to play to my strengths and do that rather than stress myself out trying to write super fancy on something that will be thrown away anyway. However, I am already thinking about printing the envelopes for the real invites or maybe doing a calligraphy course before I send them.

• I didn’t have everyone’s addresses
Despite trying to be organised over the past few years I realised I didn’t have everyone’s correct addresses. People move all the time nowadays (thank you rental market) and I simply haven’t kept my little black book up to date. Plus there are some people that I didn’t have an address for in the first place (I could walk to my best friends house backwards in my sleep but I’ve just never paid attention to the door number!). Anyway, numerous texts and a very helpful email from my mum later and we’re ready to go. I’ve discovered that my wedding planner has a very handy section for addresses so I have dutifully filled this out and I’m going to make a conscious effort to collect addresses for all the evening guests in good time to avoid using lack of an address as an excuse for delaying sending those.

• There aren’t enough hours in the day
We’re busy people, plain and simple. We both have full time jobs and spend very little time at home and awake during the week. The time we do have is taken up by doing normal everyday things like cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing…yawn! I was training for the London marathon and now we’re both training for a half marathon, so we spend a good few hours each week running. And when it comes to weekends we always seem to have something planned, which I am definitely not complaining about! But it has made me realise that we probably need to cut back a little on the commitments we make over the next 10 months if we want to avoid stressing ourselves out trying to fit everything in.

• It feels real and scary
I am more excited than you can imagine to marry Lee, I’d do it tomorrow if I could, but sending these save the dates suddenly makes other people part of our big day. That’s obviously what I want and in a way I can’t wait for these to drop through people’s letter boxes. It also means that’s part of the process that’s over though and in a way that makes me sad. Planning our wedding together has been so much fun already that whilst I want it to hurry up and be here I also don’t want it to be over – crazy hey.

So last night I finally sat down and did it. I carefully wrote every address on each envelope and ticked names off my list. I’ve sent Lee to the post office today to buy stamps including one for Spain and another for Australlia. I’m excited to stick them all on today (fingers crossed he has the sense to buy the sticky ones and I don’t have to lick 40 stamps – bleurgh!) and get them in the post. Eek I actually feel very excited thinking about it now!

Thanks for reading,
Dawn  X

Did you send save the dates or have you opted to go straight to invitations? I’d love to hear about any save the date ideas you’ve had.


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