Project Brow: Please excuse my eyebrows…

Looking at my eyebrows a few weeks ago I decided they were a bit patchy, not completely even and definitely in need of a tidy up. I inherited my eyebrows from my dad (he had thick black curls back in the day) so if left to their own devices my brows can be a bit bushy and wild.

In recent years I’ve been to lots of different places to have my eyebrows done. These have included threading chairs in the middle of shopping centres, fancy boutique salons who charged a small fortune and even one ‘beauty room’ that used wax so hot they tore the skin from under my eyebrow. That was an experience I never wish to repeat, exceptionally painful, quite unsightly and definitely not what I’d bargained for when I popped in for their £5 special.

Well with our wedding rapidly approaching I thought it was probably time to go somewhere reputable to get my brows looked at. I know your eyebrows can really change the way you look, for better and worse, so I asked around for recommendations.

There’s a Benefit Cosmetics boutique on Carnaby Street only a few minutes away and several of the girls have been there before, so I made my appointment and turned up ready to be waxed.

The therapist I saw was a lovely lady called Laura. She used a special brow measuring ruler and penciled in exactly where I should have brows to frame and complement my face shape. It turns out that my brows have been the victims of a little bit of over enthusiastic hair removal in the middle meaning the gap is very wide and my arch goes from thick to thin too severely. Once this was pointed out it looked so obvious to me. Eeeek what was I going to do, I don’t want to be ‘the bride with the dodgy eyebrows’. Thankfully Laura to the rescue, she assured me that I can have a perfect wow brow in time for my big day. Phew! She waxed the necessary stray hairs and showed me exactly where I needed to concentrate on growing them back. I was even given a full size Gimme Brow, and the money from my wax was donated to charity. I was a very happy customer!

Before - 4 weeks of growth and they're looking very untidy!

Before – 4 weeks of growth and they’re looking very untidy!

And then it happened. They started growing. And growing. And growing. I went from having nice tidy eyebrows to two trained caterpillars perching over my eyes. It was ok at first, a little pencil and Gimme Brow and they looked presentable as long as you didn’t look too closely. After 2 weeks I started to apologise to people who I’m pretty sure couldn’t care less about my eyebrows. By week 3 I was actually putting off having a photo taken for my new passport (much to the annoyance of Lee – more about that later) until my eyebrows were done. It’s now week 4 and to top it all I’m going out this weekend, and there’s no way these eyebrows can be seen on a night out. So that’s why, before the full 4 weeks is up I’ve had my eyebrows done again.

After - looking a bit more groomed but still a bit bushy for me!

After – looking a bit more groomed but still a bit bushy for me!

They’re far from perfect and there’s still some growing to do but they definitely look more groomed. Laura has tidied them up so that I can leave the house this weekend without taking away the hairs I need, which would set me back on Project Brow. She also showed me how the hairs (after years of being plucked away) are growing straight out to the front instead of following the rest of the brow against my face. I’ve been advised to slather on Vaseline before bed and brush (slick) the hairs back into place, this will train them to grow how I want them. I’m thankful Lee has already proposed – not sure my Vaseline caked eyebrows are going to be a massive attraction! But I’m committed to the cause (and Lee is very understanding) so I’m going to persevere for now. Still not sure about having that passport photo taken though…


5 thoughts on “Project Brow: Please excuse my eyebrows…

    • It’s a daily struggle not to pluck them back into shape but I know I need to play the long game on this one so I’m persevering! I’ll post another update soon so you can see my progress.

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    • Thank you Lisa, it really is taking all my willpower not to just tidy them up and give up on growing them out! Perhaps I’ll have a look into HD brows.
      Dawn x


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