Perfectil Review – 3 weeks

perfectil box

The trial box that got me started

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to get my hair in tip top condition for my wedding. Aside from cutting down on heat styling this has also meant starting to take a vitamin supplement specifically designed for hair.

I’d previously been given a sample of Perfectil at a wedding fair, and as this is formulated for skin, hair and nails it seemed worth trying it out. I’ve been using them for 3 weeks now so I thought I’d give you a little review.


The largest tablet I’ve ever taken

So, first impressions, they’re massive. Definitely bigger than your average vitamin but then I suppose they’re doing 3 jobs at once. Personally I don’t have any problems swallowing pills but if you do you might struggle with these. They have to be taken whole, with water and after a meal; I think it’s because they are slow release. So no chopping them up into swallow size chunks, it’s down in one with a big gulp of water or not at all.

I’m always a bit skeptical of supplements that claim to work on specific areas. How does the tablet know to go and make my hair glossy and nails long. Does it discriminate against the hair on my legs or am I going to be sporting thick, luscious leg locks in no time? The answer is I still don’t know, however I guess specific vitamins have different jobs and this is why they work on targeted areas. Plus I haven’t had a rapid surge in body hair growth so I guess those little (massive) tablets know where they’re heading!

The first noticeable difference since I started taking Perfectil was the improvement of the dark circles under my eyes. The area under my eyes has always been quite dark and it only gets worse when I’m tired. I’ve spent years looking for a decent concealer that covers the circles but doesn’t look caked on and heavy. But in the past few days I’ve significantly reduced the amount of coverage I need. I know I haven’t been getting any extra sleep so I’m convinced that Perfectil has improved the area under my eyes, even Lee noticed a difference.

My nails don’t necessarily seem stronger but I think they’re definitely looking a bit healthier. In the past my nails have been prone to peeling and splitting once they start to grow but so far this looks like it has reduced. I’m not after excessively long nails but it would be great to get them all to a decent length without one of them breaking and then either looking out of place or meaning that I have to cut all my nails down to match.

My hair is probably where it’s hardest to judge any real difference. Recently I have significantly reduced the amount I use my GHD straighteners and I’ve also invested in a deep conditioning treatment and so the amount of damage that has occurred since my last trim seems less than normal to me. However it’s quite hard to determine if this is due to me taking better care of my hair or as a direct result of taking Perfectil. I’m pretty sure that you can’t reverse damage that has already been done so it’s my roots that will be seeing most of the benefit at the moment. I can say without a doubt that my hair is less greasy a day after washing and my natural curls are fighting through the frizz if I don’t blow dry. I also think my hair seems to be growing slightly faster than normal, and there is much less hair in the plug hole after a shower.

Overall I think my skin is benefiting the most and I’m keen to give Perfectil a bit more time before I make up my mind on how much it is improving my hair and nails. Boots has a 3 for 2 offer on vitamins at the moment so I’ve stocked up for the next 12 weeks and I’ll let you all know how I get on.

I’d love to know if you have any supplements or natural remedies that you swear by. Did you or are you planning on trying anything new before your big day?
Dawn x


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