9 months to go!

wedding countdown 274 days to go

274 days to go!

I feel like we’re hitting another milestone in our countdown today. Exactly 9 months ago Lee surprised me by asking me to be his wife and in exactly 9 months time that dream is going to come true. We chose the date for our wedding on a day that worked well for us and enabled us to have the spring wedding we really wanted, what we realised afterwards is that we would be getting married 18 months to the day from when Lee proposed.

So this means we’re halfway through our engagement today. Eeeek! I am more excited than you could imagine. I feel like we’re quite organised but in the back of my mind I’m thinking of the things that we still have to do. Some of this is a bit out of my hands at the moment. For example our venue serves seasonal food so we can’t choose our menu until later in the year. But one thing that I am very conscious of is that I haven’t ordered my dress yet!

I started shopping for my dress 3 months ago and have had 2 full days of shopping with my mum and my maid of honour Nikki. I’ve actually narrowed my search down to 2 dresses that I love and I can honestly say that if I had to choose one tomorrow then I’d be happy with either of those. But we are going next Saturday to finalise my decision. I am so excited to put both of those dresses on again, it’s just a shame Lee won’t let me have both of them (I am joking, sort of…).

The last 9 months since our engagement have flown by (was it only 9 months ago I was sunning myself on a beach in Mexico?!) and I have no doubt that the next 9 months will be the same. I can’t wait to marry my soulmate but I am also loving our wedding planning journey. 18 months felt like a long engagement when we booked the wedding, but I can genuinely say it actually feels like the perfect amount of time. We’re managing to balance planning our perfect day with our real lives and we’re not having to make compromises on things that we truly want which we might have done if we’d got married sooner (at one stage I was considering Spring 2015 which seems like a crazy idea now). I’m also still excited about planning, and for me, some of this excitement might have dwindled if we’d booked our wedding even further in advance. Today I woke up knowing that I am the luckiest girl in the world and in 274 days I know I feel even luckier to be marrying my best friend. It’s been an exciting ride so far and our journey has only just begun.

Is anyone else on a countdown to their big day? I’d love to know how your planning is going.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone and enjoy the sunshine,
Dawn x

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