Finding some me time #reclaimyourlunchbreak

It was hard to keep the dogs all still for a group shot - they just wanted to play!

It was hard to keep the dogs all still for a group shot – they just wanted to play!

Yesterday I decided it was time to #reclaimyourlunchbreak. Like so many other Londoners I spend countless hours sat in front of my computer and then end up eating my lunch al-desco.

I work in one of the best cities in the world, in the heart of a buzzing plethora of lunchtime opportunities. So why do I end up grabbing a salad and trooping dutifully back to my little corner of the office? Admittedly yes sometimes it’s to ensure that I meet that important deadline, but more often I literally just sit and check Facebook or read emails. All things that could wait until my hour long commute home. So yesterday, prompted by Stylist Magazine I popped along to Soho Square to meet some of the lovely doggies from Dogs Trust. And I can honestly say it made my day better. I had a cuddle with some gorgeous pups that are looking for new homes and had a chat with the lovely staff that look after them. Then I sat in the sunshine and ate my salad before strolling back to my office ready to get my teeth into my to-do list at 2pm. And I can honestly say I felt happier for it. I don’t feel like I neglected my work in that hour and I certainly didn’t miss indulging my Facebook nosiness. Instead I enjoyed an hour of ‘me time’ right in the middle of my day. And whilst there aren’t going to be a gang of puppies for me to hang out with everyday, I’ll definitely be leaving my desk at 1pm sharp for a little stroll and something a bit more than sitting staring at a screen for another hour.

Stroking the dogBaby staffyJack Russell pupZoe Jack Russell

What do you do to #reclaimyourlunchbreak? I’m going to be making a conscious effort to get away from my desk on a more regular basis so I’ll be looking for some tips and recommendations!

Dawn x


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