Honeymoon planning: It’s all booked!

Ever since Lee and I met just over 2 years ago we’ve loved traveling together. Our first getaway was a 2 night trip to Bournemouth just a couple of months into our relationship. Since then we’ve been to Tunisia, Paris and Mexico (where Lee proposed) to name just a few. So, once the wedding was booked we knew that the honeymoon was another big thing that we wanted to tick off our list.

I know lots of people nowadays decide to delay the honeymoon for a few months after the wedding. I can completely see the reasoning for this. It gives you more time to save, you have something to look forward to after the wedding hype has died down and maybe you’re waiting for the right season to visit a certain place. However, for us we really wanted to escape quite close to the wedding. I love the idea of getting married and then having a few weeks alone with Lee to enjoy being married and start our married life with an adventure. Did you know that one suggestion is that the term ‘honeymoon’ originates from the 5th Century when calendar time was measured in moon cycles. For one moon cycle (month) after the marriage the newly weds would drink mead, a mixture of water and honey, that was believed to have aphrodisiac properties and aid fertility. There are lots of different stories of how a honeymoon originated but I quite like the idea of spending a month alone with Lee drinking honey wine!

So we knew that we wanted to go straight after the wedding and we just needed to decide where. Lee and I both love a mixture of relaxation and adventure (check out our weekend in Wales), so going to the Maldives for 2 weeks of doing absolutely nothing was never going to quite tick all of our boxes. We adored our holiday in Mexico where we had the opportunity to chill one minute and go zip lining through the trees or swimming in caves the next and we’d set the bar pretty high with this holiday. I have always dreamed of going on a safari and although Lee has been previously he didn’t get to see The Big Five, and we decided this is something we’d love to experience together.


Exploring in Paris


Parasailing in Tunisia


The last photo we took before Lee proposed!

Moments after Lee proposed in Mexico

Moments after Lee proposed in Mexico


Zip lining at Xplor


Lee even let me drive the buggy at Xplor!


Our first ski holiday in Pila

I’m not going to tell you every detail of what we’ve got planned but I will say we’re doing Safari in the Eastern Cape, spending a few days in Cape Town and then satisfying our desire for some relaxation by ending up in Mauritius. To say I’m excited is a huge understatement! Not only because for me this is a holiday of a lifetime but because I’ll be sharing it all with Lee.

When we were looking to book we tried several different travel companies and even tried pricing our final itinerary ourselves. But in the end we booked our holiday with Sarah from Holidaysplease. She was so helpful, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. No question I asked was too much trouble and she managed to get us the exact itinerary we wanted, even managing to cut out an unnecessary stopover and get us a few extra nights in Mauritius. Sarah has definitely helped us to book our dream honeymoon and I just can’t wait to go!

I’m always curious about what others are thinking of doing for their honeymoon. I know not everyone wants to zip line through trees or go diving with sharks (turns out Lee doesn’t fancy that either). So what have you got planned and are you going straight after the wedding or waiting a while before you jet off?

And if you haven’t booked yet definitely get in touch with Sarah, she’s a star!

5 thoughts on “Honeymoon planning: It’s all booked!

  1. Nice post… We got engaged in Nora Nora and it was amazing… Check out the blog for the story. We honeymooners out of the box in kl Borneo and Indonesia and LOVED it.. even got to komodo island that I also blogged about was something very special… Hope you like them as much as I did yours… A wandering memory

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      • Hopefully… That’s why I write them or at least try ha! We are very much like you guys… 2 weeks in Maldives would kill us so we travelled around and saw loads… Limos was incredible… We’ve down all.of southern Africa if you need any tips … And just blogged aboytvseychelles too. Loved that your like us..

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