Why am I here?

Just so you know I’m not about to get all deep and meaningful, I actually mean ‘why am I here?’ in the most literal sense.

March To The Aisle was 2 months old at the weekend (doesn’t time fly), and although it had been an idea in my head for a while, it took nearly 6 months for me to publish my first post to the big wide world.

When I started writing I thought that this blog would be strictly wedding focussed and then as I began to think about what I enjoy writing about I realised that I wanted to share a little more with everyone. If I’m able to link it to weddings in some way then I’ll write about it. Whether I’m taking you on a personal wedding prep journey with me or reviewing a great service I’ve used my aim is that in some way I’ll help another bride-to-be with a few hints and tips. And even if my ramblings just serve your penchant for a nosey into someone else’s plans then that’s no bad thing.

So now you know a bit about me and why I’m here. I’d love to know more about you, let me know why you’re here. And if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write about just give me a nudge in the comments below.

Dawn x

10 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Hi Dawn my wedding related stuff is a bit different from yours as I took wedding photos I’d left my job as a telephone man sold my place bought an amazing camera, photographed a friend of mine developed and printed the pictures and yes they are still married and have the pictures. Another friend of mine whom I worked with when his wife saw the pictures she said, ‘These are so good and yet you never saw me,’ I did a few more weddings then gave up and went into fashion portrait photography run out of money and gave up.This was all in the day of film photography and I have also done DJing at weddings.


  2. Lovely post Dawn.
    I too started off blogging about weddings as I just couldn’t leave that beautiful world behind after my big day. After a while though I found it really hard to put content together as my life focal points were changing. Since then and a wee one later my blog has morphed into more lifestyle and parenting content as my focuses have changed. I still have a passion for weddings which I show on my Pinterest page but I guess I’ve found it easier to blog about my passions as they’ve evolved but it took a step back from blogging to discover this. I guess my point of this rambling comment is to go with wherever your interests and passions take you and not get worried about sticking to the subject that you originally had in mind xxx


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