Is 3 wedding planners too many?

I’ll start by saying I love a list. I enjoy being organised. Excel is my friend. And so it makes total sense that my best friend gave me a wedding planner as an engagement gift. It’s a beautiful cream A5 Moleskin book with lots of space for all my notes and ideas. And then when Lee and I went shopping we saw a great planner by BusyB. It’s bigger than my moleskin book and has pockets to drop in leaflets and cut outs. We decided that the planner from Nikki could be for my handbag and we bought the BusyB planner to keep at home. Then I got a free wedding ideas notebook with Perfect Wedding magazine. This is just a simple book with plain pages. Nothing fancy but perfect sized for throwing into my handbag and scribbling down thoughts as I had them. I should point out that before this freebie I’d started to worry that my beautiful cream planner was going to get dirty and dog-eared being lugged around in my handbag. And this is where my problem lies.


My collection of wedding planners

I love to be organised and I also like things to be perfect. I hate to scribble things out in my diary even if plans get changed so I’ll just write a little note by the side saying cancelled. I’ve realised that I was collecting planners simply to write in my ‘rough’ one and then copy into my ‘neat’ planner.

Wedding planning and a pot of tea – my new favourite pastime

Now I’m writing it down it actually sounds a little bit crazy. Especially seeing as I try and keep everything neat and nothing is ever really rough. Think of all the time I’m wasting copying things up! I’ve also realised that with wedding planning things are going to change, there will be ideas that develop and grow and I’m not going to be able to write things down just once and leave them set in stone for the next 9 months.

I’m telling you all this because I’m going to try and embrace the idea of my planners being more about the journey and less about the finished article. If I look back in 10 years time it will be nice to see the venues we considered but didn’t choose and not just a description of Leeds Castle (I’ll have the photos and memories of my wedding to keep). I know that I’ll remember the decisions we made but I’m starting to realise that I want to treasure the ideas we had as well. The awful puffy bridesmaid dress I nearly made Nikki wear (thankfully I came to my senses) or the colour swatches that I considered and rejected. It’s all part of the process to create our special and personal day.

The dividers in the BusyB planner make is so easy to use

So whilst I’ll never be the sort of person that can scrawl things out willy nilly I am going to embrace this phase of our wedding. I’m going to use my planners for their intended purpose and write down our ideas and plans as I have them, instead of writing notes on random pieces of paper and writing only the ones that make the cut into the books at a later date. Because in reality planning a perfect wedding isn’t going to be a perfect process. And really a wedding is about much more than one day in a pretty dress. It’s another chapter in our story and when we look back on our wedding I’m convinced I’m going to enjoy reading the footnotes as much as watching the blockbuster.

Dawn x

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