Review: Murad Pom-Power Pore Cleansing Facial


The warm and inviting Murad Beauty Room

For me a facial is one of the best forms of relaxation. You lie back, let someone else give your skin a fantastic cleanse and with any luck come out looking brighter and more rested. So I’m always looking to try out new treatments.

Today I decided to go for the Murad Pom-Power Pore Cleansing Facial. An express 30 minute treatment to cleanse and tone skin and leave it feeling refreshed.

I visited the Murad Beauty Room situated in House of Fraser on Oxford Street. I met my therapist Chrissy at the Murad beauty counter on the ground floor and was taken downstairs to the treatment room. As I’ve been to Murad in the past they already had all of my details and skin information on file but Chrissy did have a chat to check if I’d had any specific issues or concerns recently.

The Murad Beauty Room is tucked away near the shoe department and once inside you totally forget that you’re within a department store. A comfy heated bed, soft fluffy towels and calming music make the space feel tranquil and indulgent.

Chrissy starts the treatment by stimulating some pressure points around my body. As she presses the soles of my feet I feel myself relax into the bed and am lost in a world of pampering for the next 30 minutes. My face is gently steamed whilst my make up is removed and my skin cleansed. Care is taken to remove my mascara (I like this, I’ve often left other salons after a facial looking like a sad panda!) and warm cloths thoroughly clean my skin. I love that the cleanser is foamy and soft and has a delicious fruity smell. It feels relaxing and helps me to drift in and out of a light sleep.

Next a mask is applied, this feels cold and a little tingly but never uncomfortable. My lips have been protected with a soft fruity smelling balm and I close my eyes and let the mask work its magic. Then is my absolute favourite part of a Murad facial…the neck and shoulder massage. I can honestly say I find nothing more relaxing than lying with my eyes closed, in a warm bed, with a face mask, having a light massage. It’s literally my heaven.

The face mask is removed and I have some gentle extractions and then my skin is cleansed again with the nice foamy cleanser. Finally my face is massaged with moisturiser and the treatment is done. I’m woken by a soft speaking Chrissy who hands me a glass of water and leaves the room so I can get ready.


My free samples from Murad – I can’t wait to try them out!

Before I leave I’m given some samples. I’ve actually been wanting to try the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield for ages so I’m really glad to have a trial size to use at home. My skin looks bright and refreshed and I feel relaxed and rested.

The Pom-Power Cleansing Facial is great if you’re looking for a quick treatment and are short on time. I could imagine coming back during my lunch break for a quick pick me up. I’ll definitely be returning to Murad in the run up to my wedding to keep my skin clear and in great condition.

Do you have any facials or salons that you’d recommend I should try? And what’s your ultimate for relaxation and a bit of me time?
Dawn x

4 thoughts on “Review: Murad Pom-Power Pore Cleansing Facial

    • That’s my plan in the run up to my wedding. I can imagine it’s going to not only benefit my skin and get it in great condition for my big day but it’ll be great stress relief when the wedmin all gets a bit much!


      • Oh I bet! One of my girlfriends is going to school for it, so I get a bit of a discount at the moment. I couldn’t tell you half the stuff she uses on my face. HA. But it’s amaaaaaaazing. I never skip a month. And my skin has never been better. I’m 29 and people still think I’m 23-25.


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