Review: Keep Me Going Cereal

As I leave for work quite early each day I normally eat my breakfast once I get into the office. Since we moved buildings and they took away our toasters (health and safety apparently – although we’re trusted with a microwave), I normally have a bowl of cereal.


Keep Me Going cereal

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a couple of boxes of a new cereal to try. Keep Me Going has been developed as a healthy cereal with nutritional benefits such as low Gi and a high fibre content. Compared to other ‘healthy’ cereals such as Special K original, Keep Me Going has 8 times less salt, 60% less sugar, twice the fibre and a low Gi (similar to traditionally made porridge).

I was excited to try this as I’m always after healthy options for breakfast that leave me feeling full and not reaching for too many snacks before lunchtime. I also thought for a change I’d stick to the recommended serving size, as I have a tendency to fill my bowl full of cereal. So, day 1 I tried a serving size amount of cereal with skimmed milk. I should probably tell you that I don’t like milk very much and so my photos probably look like I’m eating dry cereal, I’m not, I just don’t like my cereal to swim in milk! Anyway, first impressions are that the recommended serving size is predictably small, I’m sorry cereal makers but i need more than this to fill me up! Taste wise the cereal is quite nice, they are quite wheaty but definitely not sugary or sweet and the pillows had a good texture and crunch. Overall, I thought they were ok but maybe a little bland.


Day 1 – Keep Me Going and skimmed milk

Day 2 I decided to try and sweeten the cereal slightly by adding strawberries but still using skimmed milk. For me this made the cereal really tasty. The addition of fruit perfectly complimented the cereal and I really enjoyed my breakfast. I also found that I felt full after eating and didn’t feel starving by lunchtime (a definite plus for a girl that is ALWAYS hungry!).


Day 2 – Keep Me Going with strawberries and skimmed milk

I continued to eat the cereal for a couple of weeks trying lots of different combinations of fruits and yoghurts to find what I like. Well I’ve found it, I absolutely love the cereal with natural yoghurt and honey. I must admit I have a slightly bigger than suggested serving size but it keeps me full and happy from breakfast through to lunch.


My favourite combination – Keep Me Going with natural yoghurt and honey

If you’re looking for a new cereal to try that is healthy and keeps you full I’d highly suggest trying Keep Me Going. It’s currently available to buy from Ocado who are currently offering £20 off your first shop so it’s a great time to give it a try.


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