Wedding planning limbo


Dawn & Lee are getting married!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been catching up with lots of friends and family and their first question is always how are the wedding plans. Without thinking I’ve got a stock reply of ‘really well thanks, I think we’ve sorted all the big things’. It’s a phrase that just rolls off my tongue without thinking too much about what I’m saying, because in reality if I reeled off every wedding planning thought that’s currently going through my head they’d probably avoid me at all costs until after the big day. There’s a few close friends (and obviously my mum) that I’ll share the full inner workings of my mind with but I figure they can take it and won’t run a mile when I’m going through the room allocation dilemma (again).

The problem is I’m in a sort of planning limbo. Yes all the big things are done. We’ve got a date, a venue, entertainment, a dress (eeeek), photographer, videographer…you get the picture, but now we’re getting down to the more nitty gritty bits of the day itself. I know what florist I’m using but we haven’t discussed exactly what we’re having. I know a rough style but I haven’t designed the invitations yet (have a look at ourĀ Save The Dates – I love them). There are suddenly so many details to decide on but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to decide yet or wait a bit. I’ve got to say this is the bit they seem to miss out on all of the planning timelines! I also can’t make certain decisions yet, the food for example as I’m waiting for our venue to come back to me with a date for menu tasting. I’ve discovered I hate things being taken out of my hands and having to wait for other people to respond or get organised, the lack of control over certain things becomes very frustrating for me. If I send you an email then pleeeeease just respond!!

There’s also a few decisions that I know I need to make sooner rather than later. Should I stay in a hotel near the venue the night before to ensure that I don’t get stuck on the Dartford crossing and then end up in a panic about being able to get ready in time. Seems like a no brainier really doesn’t it…but then who else should stay. My parents, my Maid of Honour, my brother and his 2 girls who are my bridesmaids. It honestly feels like a decision I shouldn’t have to worry about making yet but I know if I don’t and all the hotels get booked up I’ll be annoyed with myself. I want to plan the fun bits and not worry about the logistics right now!

So next time I see you and you ask ‘how’s the wedding plans going’ maybe give me a heads up of whether you’d like the standard reply or the actual truth, but perhaps we’ll do the latter over coffee!

Do you have any tips about when is the ‘right’ time to start planning the finer details, or maybe you’re in limbo too and want to sound out some ideas in the comments below. Whatever way I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,
Dawn x


4 thoughts on “Wedding planning limbo

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I went through this stage as well and drove myself crazy. Then I decided that I’d go through the list of things to do and just crack on with everything apart from the things that were allocated for the last month or so. I also prioritised the list as I didn’t know where to start. But really there’s no right time to do anything! A friend of mine organised absolutely everything in the first month. She just knew what she wanted and didn’t see a reason to wait!

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    • I think I’m just going to go for it. I’m loving the planning, but I think prioritising will definitely help.
      I’ve got friends that are getting married sooner and I seem to be further ahead with my planning but that doesn’t matter.

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  2. I say the same thing! I’m getting married in a couple months, and I still say “Yeah, it’s pretty much done,” meaning yes I’ve done a lot, and there’s still lots of details left and no I’m not ready to list them because my head just might explode…

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    • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
      I’m actually loving planning, and I’m partial to a list (you can read my post about having 3 wedding planners), but I do understand what you mean.
      I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and crack on with the details, in theory they should be the fun bits anyway once the logistics are organised!


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