Project Brow: An update

Today I thought I’d give you all a little update on my eyebrows (don’t I spoil you). If you’ve been reading for a few months you will of seen my posts about Project Brow, and my plan to grow my eyebrows and have them full and lovely by the wedding. Well guess what. I grew my eyebrows, they were thick and groomed, and I hated them! I don’t mean I needed to get used to them, I genuinely hated them.


Even hiding behind the fluff ball Freddy I can’t disguise my big eyebrows!

Each month I was going to the Benefit Brow Bar on Carnaby Street and having my bushy brows waxed and tidied, but every month I was coming away a little disappointed. This wasn’t the fault of the beautician, they were doing a great job. I simply wasn’t speaking up for what I wanted. For some reason I’d decided that because it’s fashionable at the moment to have fuller brows, that’s how mine should be styled too.

But I’ve got to say that my 30 something year old self has learnt a lesson these past few months. Try something new but if you don’t like it don’t stick with it just because that’s how everyone else looks at the moment. Every day I was sitting in front of the mirror and not feeling quite right, all I could see were eyebrows and I didn’t like them. But instead of going and getting them waxed into a shape that I was happy with I went for months like a sheep, following the crowd.

That was until last Wednesday when I woke up and decided enough was enough. Armed with a photo of days gone by (when I was happy with my brows) I went along to Benefit, showed them my pic and let the therapist set to work. This time when she showed me the mirror I was genuinely able to say, yes I’m happy, rather than give a little mumble of consent. I should of spoke up months ago but my desire to please and a need to have on-trend eyebrows had prevented me.

If you take anything away from reading this post then I’d say be true to yourself and your style and don’t just do something because it’s what everyone else is doing. And pleeeeease if you’re going to make any changes to your appearance for your wedding day have a trial run or make the change (hair colour, hair style, eyebrows) a few months in advance so you make sure you love it. Imagine if I’d looked back on my wedding photos in years to come and all I’d seen was big, bushy eyebrows!

Is anyone thinking of making any big changes before their wedding, or maybe you made a least minute decision and ended up loving it. As always I’d love to know, pop me a comment below and say hi.

Thanks for reading,
Dawn x


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