Wedding planning limbo


Dawn & Lee are getting married!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been catching up with lots of friends and family and their first question is always how are the wedding plans. Without thinking I’ve got a stock reply of ‘really well thanks, I think we’ve sorted all the big things’. It’s a phrase that just rolls off my tongue without thinking too much about what I’m saying, because in reality if I reeled off every wedding planning thought that’s currently going through my head they’d probably avoid me at all costs until after the big day. There’s a few close friends (and obviously my mum) that I’ll share the full inner workings of my mind with but I figure they can take it and won’t run a mile when I’m going through the room allocation dilemma (again).

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Why are you getting married in Leeds?

Leeds Castle

View of Leeds Castle from the grounds

It’s a question I’ve heard asked so many times since we booked our wedding, and I admit the name is a little deceiving. Leeds Castle is actually in Maidstone Kent a 40 minute-ish drive from where we live and the location of one of mine and Lee’s first day dates.

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