Project Brow: An update

Today I thought I’d give you all a little update on my eyebrows (don’t I spoil you). If you’ve been reading for a few months you will of seen my posts about Project Brow, and my plan to grow my eyebrows and have them full and lovely by the wedding. Well guess what. I grew my eyebrows, they were thick and groomed, and I hated them! I don’t mean I needed to get used to them, I genuinely hated them.


Even hiding behind the fluff ball Freddy I can’t disguise my big eyebrows!

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Project Brow: Please excuse my eyebrows…

Looking at my eyebrows a few weeks ago I decided they were a bit patchy, not completely even and definitely in need of a tidy up. I inherited my eyebrows from my dad (he had thick black curls back in the day) so if left to their own devices my brows can be a bit bushy and wild.

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