A Mexican proposal – one year on


A cocktail to celebrate our engagement

A year ago today was when I went from being a girlfriend to a fiancée. And in 6 months from today I’ll take the even bigger leap of going from fiancée to wife. This year has absolutely flown by. We’ve bought our first house together, started planning a wedding and put in place plans for a long happy future. I can’t quite believe that in 6 months I’ll be having my makeup done and getting ready to walk down the aisle to Lee, I know that day is going to be here in no time now. Today though I thought I’d share our proposal story, I just wish I could relive the moment my life changed in the best way possible.

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Honeymoon planning: It’s all booked!

Ever since Lee and I met just over 2 years ago we’ve loved traveling together. Our first getaway was a 2 night trip to Bournemouth just a couple of months into our relationship. Since then we’ve been to Tunisia, Paris and Mexico (where Lee proposed) to name just a few. So, once the wedding was booked we knew that the honeymoon was another big thing that we wanted to tick off our list. Continue reading

Adventure Weekend in Wales

Firstly I’m going to apologise for how long it’s taken me to post this. I wrote it days after we returned and then due to a whirlwind of things happening everything blog related has been temporarily on hold. Everything is settling down a bit now so I thought it was about time I got this update on our adventure up for you all to read!

A few weeks ago we went on a great weekend away in Wales with 2 friends that I used to work with when I lived in Bournemouth. They were actually the first people that I introduced Lee to when we got together and it’s as though Lee has known them for as long as I have.
The weekend was booked through Adventure Britain. They arranged everything from the hotel and breakfast to the activities and even a packed lunch both days. The only thing we had to do was get ourselves there and arrange our evenings. Continue reading